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Ningbo Bridge Team Will Play in the Asian Games
Source: 齐博国际下载客服端  | 2022-04-22 09:06:00

  By Xu Zhuowei

  After seven days of competition in the 19th Asian Games National Mixed Bridge Team Trials, the championship was decided on the evening of April 14. The Ningbo Bridge Team stood out from 10 teams, won the first place, and obtained the qualification to represent China in the mixed bridge event of the 19th Asian Games this year.

  The team formed by Ningbo players will represent China to play in the games, which can be regarded as a milestone in the history of Ningbo sports, since it's the first time a Ningbo sports team will collectively represent China in the international competitions.

  The Ningbo team participating this time is mainly composed of national first prize winners and World Youth Championship champions. The six players are Wang Jian, Hu Junjie, Fu Bo, Chen Yichao, Wang Yanhong, and Dong Lidang.

  "Among the 10 teams in this trail, the Ningbo team is the youngest, with an average age of about 35." Xu Jianguo, Vice Chairman of the China Bridge Association and Zhejiang Bridge Association, and Chairman of the Ningbo Bridge Association, said when invited to comment, "We formed this team, and hope to build a platform for young players to have an opportunity to participate in the selection and competition of the national mixed bridge team. In the end, everyone lived up to expectations and qualified for the Asian Games."

  "Every time the national bridge team's training and selection in Ningbo have yielded good results. For example, before the 43rd World Bridge Team Championships in 2017, the national team was gathered at Ningbo before departing to France, where the Chinese women's team earned the gold medal. That was a victory won after eight years." Xu Jianguo said that Ningbo has been deeply involved in the field of bridge for 12 years. As early as 2015, Jiangbei District was awarded the title of "National Bridge Competition Training Base" by the Chess and Card Center of the General Administration of Sport of China.

  Chief Adviser: Zhou Fangzhou

  Proofreader: Gou Wen

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